Employment Services

 Employment Services

Our Employment Services Program assists people with disabilities in finding and retaining meaningful competitive employment.  Our services are free of charge to the employee and employer.  Disability Achievement Center Facilitators assist people who come directly to our agency and those referred by other agencies.  We partner with federal and state agencies to provide the best options available.  The Disability Achievement Center is an Employment Network and can take a Ticket to Work as part of the federal Ticket to Work Program.  We are also partnered with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.  We provide Preplacement Training, Employment Services and On the Job Training for Vocational Rehabilitation.  Our Facilitators will be there to help with possible accommodations and assure the new employee transitions smoothly.

 An Employment Services Facilitator works with each person to help them design an employment plan tailored to their unique needs.  Facilitators will be there, as needed, to educate, assist, guide and encourage during the entire process.   An initial assessment leads to development of a support network and design of a step by step job search plan.  Each step of the way we work together.  Any areas of concern are identified and addressed.  The job search includes exploration of new possibilities and techniques to obtain the goals set by each person.  The facilitator will be in the community working job development and encouraging outreach as part of the job search process.

The Disability Achievement Center networks to educate perspective employers about the many advantages to businesses when they hire people with disabilities.   We can introduce businesses to a large and growing consumer market that opens up when they hire people with disabilities.    Employers are encouraged to participate in state and federal programs. These programs can even provide salary reimbursement.  The Disability Achievement Center will prescreen employees, help with job accommodations, assist with job training and alert businesses to the full advantages they can obtain when they hire people with disabilities.  We are ever mindful of the pressure of today’s competitive market and look to improve the bottom line with each job placement.

Employment provides so much more than a paycheck.  Meaningful employment helps a person feel like a productive member of our society.  A job provides a variety of personal contacts that enrich every facet of one’s life.  Successful employment is important to self esteem.  People who become employed in the community have greater social interaction; they suffer less abuse and form lasting relationships.   The Disability Achievement Center strives to provide the services each person needs to make employment part of their road to independence.



A copy of the official registration (CH5696) and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services on their website (www.800helpfla.com) or by calling toll free 1-800-435-7352 within the state.  Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state.